Tuesday, August 26, 2014


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Sophie :)

Thursday, June 12, 2014

3 days of Summer. Outfit #2 Boho Chic Muse

Wohow!!! today as of  Thursday the 12th of June it is officially the start of World Cup in Brazil. We've been ready for awhile now here in Haiti with flood of different flags being displayed to be purchased from the streets vendors. There were more of a blending colors of Yellow, Green, Blue and White because Haitians are hardcore fans of  Brazil and Argentina Team. Now although I don't watch soccer that much, I would lie to say that the excitement of this current event didn't hit me as well. Advertisements about it are everywhere, it's hard not to be HIT by it so might as welll get excited with the rest of the crowd.
Trends comes and go but the classic trends that inspired this outfit is the slick denim on denim outfit trends. With that being I played the same rule applied to the denim/denim outfit and spread the entire universe with a rainbow of sunshine....Haha Just kidding. Since summer is felt as we are approaching vacations period, a flowy flower loose top was my choice to paired it with my colored skinny jeans. To dress it up a bit, I contrasted the color with a pair of nude pumps from Jessica Simpson then I cuffed up the legs of my jeans and there I am ready to spread around that rainbow of shunshine. I am not really a matchy matchy color girl which means I love to mix in colors choice of clothings and love to mix accessories as well but like everything this outfit makes the exception.


Why don't you stay for the remaining outfit from this 3 days of yellow colored pants remix? Ha!
It's all Love
Sophie :)

Friday, June 6, 2014

3 days of Summer, Oufit #1 "The Saturday"


We may have had a bit of cold weather during the year but it's nothing a light cardigan couldn't handle. In fact we complain more about the rising heat with folks saying things such as « Mezanmi gadon chalè » translated into « My goodness, what a heat ? ». You can only escape that heat by staying hydrated, staying indoors with the AC or Fan on but if you only stay indoors, you're missing out on making memories....and getting the billls paid -__-

Saturday, March 1, 2014

Hey I am human too

 Sunday night after I came back home from an outdoor concert, my spirit and the high echo of my laughter were just strangely moping around the hallways of my home and I was almost in the verge of tears. I felt as if a robber came through me during the event of that concert and internally rob me of my peace. So dramatically put but that's how I felt when in reality the eyes of my understanding of some aspect of my life were just unfolding themselves to me....