Saturday, September 29, 2012

Allons au marché

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It is amusing to me that only in my illustrations a girl can be anything that she wants to be such as wearing a fancy sundress with a loud jewelry pearl statement and go to the farmer market afterward. This is the case for this young lady; Stella who along with other young designers showcased their work. Her creations are all made of pearl jewelry statement. Hard work and long hours and sleepless night does pay off since her crowd was supportive.
         I love supporting local market in my area and I believe subconsciously it is the reason why a farmer's market is never too far from my illustrations. I am not exactly where I want to be yet as an illustrator who happens to love fashion but I am seeing progress and my evolution as an artist. Although I am building my "niche" little by little, taking chances to be seen, I believe there is always room for improvements whether by observing, learning, being patience and study as well.

It's All Love
Sophie :)

Friday, September 14, 2012

Images replacing the absence II

That day was filled with
wild wind
salt air
contact bare feet with the sand
multiple attempts at swimming
drinking coconut water directly from the coconut
and a good laugh from the way to Cote des Arcadins
to the way of Port-Au-Prince
....and a surprising tropical storm as I made my way home

It's All Love

Sophie :)

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Images replacing the absence I

Throughout the days of this summer, I had the chance to be hired as a translator for the Compassion International whose mission is to liberate children from poverty. That Friday morning the sponsors were waiting to see their children at Mont Rouis(The children they sponsor) with impatience while in the wide awakening of the sun at Port-Au-Prince, these children could barely seat still for the impatience was felt by them as well. That morning before I left for work my prayers were that God use my talents and the love that I have for people shine through the way that I would help these people; the connection between the sponsor and the teenage girl. Lights of happiness with a small dose of nervousness were present but as soon as I took my place in the bus, they all vanished.

 Despite my shy features heavenly said from people, I didn't take a long time to get out my gear to photograph and meditate along the way. It was wonderful to get away from the noisy hustle of Port-Au-Prince even for a day and get lost in the surprises that the streets reserved for my eyes. As soon as we were approaching our location; The Hotel Xaragua, the mild agitated waves, the white sand beach were definitely giving us a treat from our far away window on the bus...For the rest of the posts I'll just let you take part in the pictures as well.

I had super long and heavy brown braids this summer so in this shot abovI had super long and heavy brown braids this summer so in this shot above, I seriously felt like running like Pocahontas who sang "The rainstorm and the river are my brothers, the heron and the otter are my friends" in the color of the wind.

We were all working and playing hard as well.

It's All Love

Sophie :)