Saturday, December 31, 2011

Hello 2012

Once again the period of time when people go non-stop about their new year resolutions only to have it forgotten by the quarter of the year, is here among us. The more I am growing the more I understand that I don't need the coming of a new year to make changes or resolutions. Although I am not big on resolutions in the beginning of a new year it surely isn't wrong if other people decides to makes them. What I despite the most is the louche slogan "New Year/New me" for that same person said the same thing Last Year.  The more I decided to understand people's reactions for a change with a new year, the more I understood they felt it was right to start fresh with the lead of a new time. What they haven't comprehend is the fact that they have the freedom to start with these new wonderful projects at any time or any day of the year. If someone decides to start right on January 1st because it feels right then by all mean I say go for it. If another decides to put these resolutions in act during the middle of the year I think it's perfectly fine, either way I respect the choices made on the start of a new year or whenever within the year.

Never out of my mind With that in mind if you are among the people who feels that new resolutions are a cliche, I believe one should feel happy about the start of a new year knowing that a new year is not responsible for bringing so much wonderful things like we do with the idea of Santa Claus. Will a new year suddenly make all of your problems go away? probably not since. Can you work to solve these problems during the course of the year? certainly yes because you are in control of doing so. Will you magically become someone else when the minutes from the last year are fading away to the start of a new one? I am afraid you'll still be the person you were before. Can you make the effort of working on your attitude? yes you can as long you don't believe that a new year will do it for you. Remember throughout your life that YOU have the Power to work hard for the things that you want, working to make dreams reality. You have the Power to achieve whatsoever you desire when you put God first. With that in mind please understand that a new year will not bring you things, You make the best of the years

May The New Year of 2012 be fruitful to you and I
It's all Love
Sophie :)

Saturday, December 24, 2011

What I love about sundays (Part 2)

Happy heart gives Happy girl
The crossing from the popular market in Petion-Ville usually takes forever and a day but surprisingly on that Sunday evening it appear to be less chaotic. After we left the chaotic road behind, I was so excited to see the road that used to lead me to my secondary school; College Antillais, located in Nerette. Although we didn't go deeper to the zone, I was curious to see the face of the school that held the last chapter of my childhood. It's with a heart full of regret that I accept that the school closed its door due to the events of the earthquakes and to other that have been left unknown. After a short amount of time reminiscing, we arrived at the hotel and I was blown away by this big little jewel. I got out from my power purse my gear to start shooting everything and anything that spotted my eyes to later on share and print for my personal collection.  I've grown sick and tired of having people seeing Haiti in its broken stardom whether it was before or after the earthquake so my best way to market my country was to take the pleasure and shoot beautiful places as much as I could. Throughout my shooting Kell and I I went further inside of the hotel lobby where a mini fair was being held. There was a booth for make-up with professional make-up artists, clothing items, fashion accessories. Kell and I did some shopping at the fair but she however went further down with shopping more than I did. After our session of shopping inside Kell and I quickly grew bored of the lobby and we went on a explorations tour to visit the hotel while Tobbie and his friend were just among other people.There were parties within parties in the vast outdoors. Tourists and natives were enjoying that tropical breeze offered by Haiti whether they were inside or out of the pool with their fancy drinks and cigarettes along their reach. We sneak in to a wedding reception party held a couple of distance from the pool where that party theme was similar to the one of the Royal wedding that happened a month or two earlier than the party. Along that reception, Kel; who's an architect with a fine taste for interior design showed me one of the room that she designed for another part of the hotel that we didn't have access to go inside personally. Bummer! I thought because I wanted to see her work closely but afar was better than nothing.
 After the guys were done with their meetings, it was unfortunately time to go back home and leave the Hotel behind. Tobbie may have saw my fake frown when we were about to leave and so he treated all of us to go eat pizza which made this pizza lover girl nothing but happy.

Memories After that great evening spent with the fantastic three (I am the fourth one haha) I was greeted by a little girl who ran out to me, shouting my name and threw her arms at me. Oh Lord this day was getting better because I was meeting Cousin Dorice for the first time. My little cousin Dorice is that energetic, confident, strong opiniated eight years old. She made me talk up a storm on our first official meeting but I was still happy to finally meet this little Missy. Then later on as the evening was slowly turning to night, cousin Dorice and her father said their goodbyes and I went back inside of the room to seat back my heels. That same night was also Tobbie's and Rodney (the twins) mom's birthday. Kell as their adoptive strong sister insisted that they threw a birthday party for their mother even if it was at the last minute...since the guys did too much of procrastination preparing that event. We were once again in the move to go out to buy last minutes party stuff so I went back in the room to change my little black dress for a lighter fabric short dress with ballet flat and hope in with the crew in case they needed my help...and because it was always great to be in the company of my new friends. As we were riding to leave our street Tobbie stopped by to get his twin to get in the care to help and make the crowd merrier. It was certainly last minute preparations but Kell made planning it so easy but leading and planning event were one of her to domain so we all got the orders of what to do from her. Our quick destination ahead was to that sweet but large bakery called "Epi D'or" located not too far from our house. "Epi D'or" can be compared to the popularity of Starbucks with a bigger space, broad option for deli sandwiches, specialty in all type of sweets, pizza, chicken nuggtes and ect...All four of us arrived embracing a large and noisy crowd. People were moving, eating and chit chatting,there were lovebirds present for their dates and such but really the crowd didn't surprise me considering it was a Sunday Evening. Tobbie and Kel had too much options on their hands as they were trying to narrow down things that were sweet at their mother's taste. The task became so broad that they decided to go further in the bakery while Rodney and I were standing in the big line in front of the register. I was very found of Rodney to this day I can't remember for the life of me what was our duty. I just remembered the start of something that would intrigue me for the rest of the trip...

To be continued.
It's All Love

Sophie :)

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Exposed II

Elevating through the cloud Note to self
Speak out when you feel something isn't right withing you.
You are a human being not a super-hero although you would love to believe so.
But the truth is, emotionally (and physically) you're not a super-hero therefore you're allowed to break every once in a while. Cry out to the depth of your soul when it is necessary. Talk to someone not just anyone who's ready to land you their ears.
Understand that no amount of bad days will define that you have a bad life.
Keep in mind that when a men doesn't want you, nothing you do will make him stay.
You're not allowed to walk into depression when things go astray
you're allowed to crying is proof that something ain't right.
It's proof that something hurts and yes it hurts as Helllll.
Always remember that you didn't just happen, you're not an accident.
Stop pretending that everything is okay and actually say what the hell is wrong when someone ask you what is wrong.
Remember that you should not chase people away from you just because things ain't right.
Try to always stay positive in the midst of that bloody storm you're facing.
Always remember that Jesus himself knew greater pain therefore he knows what you're going through.
Never underestimate the institution of Marriage that God has created just because you live and saw the worst possible example of what marriage could be.
Always remember you deserve the best and if you're not happy with someone after trying and trying...just get your shit out and leave.
Always remember the people who decide to be there for you even if it's small circle remember them.
Don't start building up fences, bridges for people to climb because you're facing what you are facing today because you will be miserable thinking that everyone is after breaking your heart.
Don't for a second start entertaining the thought that all men are pigs. I know you're tempted to think so but please I am begging you to not nourish the thought in your head because there are good young lady like you therefore there are still good guys out there.
Do write in your journal when you feel like the whole world is on your case.
Don't start out with bad habits, you're thinking of them but please don't start bad habits.

What I love about Sundays (part 1)

Begin Aagin  The fast pace of my heartbeat kept me sleepless knowing that it was Sunday. Knowing that it would be the first time after seven years that I'd step feet in my home church kept me up all night. Although I was ready to see familiar faces from my past, I couldn't wait to see how Jacob grew up to be. Back in our glorious days of our teenage years singing in the youth choir, the girls and I seemed to have a love and hate relationship with Jacob. I knew deep down we were just being ridiculous obnoxious teenagers since in the end we all got along with him. Our Sunday morning started with breakfast and conversations around the table with Kell and Tobie. I would stop by the table not being able to hide my excitement to visit Karibe Hotel with them later that evening. After our breakfast my mom and I arrived twenty minutes before the 2nd service started. Even before our entrance inside of the sanctuary we were greeted by members of the church who remembered mom and could not believe that I was no longer that chubby child they knew before. As we made our way toward the bench to take our seats I heard someone with enthusiasm said "Oh It's Mrs Ch and Sophie wow" It was an understanding that I was excited to be there but that little lady comment made me more excited to be there. We finally sat down at the bench and my head went spinning in all direction to observe the atmosphere. With all these new faces I felt so much like a stranger staring at a place she knew well before. I reminded myself that after years of absence there's bound to be changes whether they were good and bad. When service started I was delighted to know that worship was lead by young people since May is the month of youth. At my big surprise it was none other than Jacob who was leading service in the company of the choir.
"Lightning strikes the heart It goes off like a gun Brighter than the sun"
After service ended my mom was once again surrounded by people who were happy to see her. They were asking so much question from how she was doing, how our circumstance change from sickness to mortality. They were also curious to know if I was still that chubby kid forgetting that babies grow up to be young adults. As I am making my way out of the crowd I kept greeting and hugged familiar faces from the young to old with a sincere smile translating that I was happy to be among them. I finally reached Jacob and we hugged each other so tight that I almost lost my standing balance, surprised to how he held me and noticed how handsome he's gotten. He grew up to be taller from the last time I saw him, I complimented him to the improvement he made in his singing voice. After the first couple of conversation I head up to greet Marina at her sort of Coffee-shop located  by the church. Marina was actually among the first people I've seen upon my first week in Haiti during my second day in Haiti and in the funeral of my Aunt. She came to support us that day so it only made sense that I went to greet her after church. When I came in she was cooking and serving her customers, even so we talked about everything from my haircut, my life in the states, my studies and how fast the years have gone. As I am going upstairs, she suggested that I eat something before I head to watch a choir rehearsal. She was also among the people who thought that I didn't want to eat, in fact little did they know I had a big appetite. I just didn't want to lose my "sexy" silhouette gotten from a work-out that I did before my trip. Despite the stress that I was under during my previous week, Marina didn't fail to feed me (among my other lovely feeders lol) and spoil me with goodies. The evening finally approached when Kell and Tobbie came to pick me up from church. Though it was time for me to leave Jacob suggested that we set up a date to see each other outside of church to catch up and catch in with the about of our lives. I wave goodbye to everyone promising them that I would be spending time with them as much as I could and left to go on in my little evening out with Kel and Tobie at Karibe Hotel. When Kel and I were walking fast to go find Tobie in the car, I had no idea this Sunday evening held something that would change my life again.

To Be Continued...
It's all Love

Sophie :)

Saturday, December 17, 2011

Mes premieres experiences a L'Institut Francais

Hide & SeekI am sure by now that all of you are aware that my family and I we have moved back to our hometown in Haiti. It's been already two months close to three that we've been back and I am still accommodating to my surrounding such as the streets of Port-Au-Prince. Before I left when I was thirteen I was aware the capital of Haiti was filled with people but it got bigger after the terrible earthquake. Needless to say the streets are HOT sometimes I compare the streets as my lover; We don't always get along but at the end of the day we remain in love. It saddened me though that I can't trace back the beautiful scenery of the place that I grew up.

 Upon my arrival in the country, I was enrolled at what we call "Des Coures de rattrapage" in French (broad review courses) so I can be well prepared for classes in my College career in Haiti. People think it's nearly impossible to do so but little did they know is that it's achievable but then again this is a whole argument for another day. The amount of time I left Haiti forced me to focus in English in order to succeed therefore my native tongue both French and English took a break without any of intentions. The lessons and practices made in the class forces me to face the reality I need to be confident that my sentences structures are bold, grammatically correct and at ease to people's ears. It doesn't hurt that the people in my class are also class clowns so far so good, nothing beats the feeling of being home.

It's All Love
Sophie :)

The nearness of you.

Saving Grace

The last day of my holidays ended with him sitting closely by my sides. My head was resting on his shoulder, we were silent yet our hearts were booming with things to say. Instead of worrying about the heavy weight of my luggages I decided to stay within his presence instead. As the hours were slowly turning into miserable seconds I thought of reviewing the house that turned into a home; one that would never be forgotten; a wide house that held memories in each room. I remembered at night how we both dreamed separately but our thoughts connected each other throughout the wee hours of the night. I touched the perimeter of the balcony as I walked remembering where I used to stand in the morning on the bright summer of Haiti smiling and waving at him to invite him to come for breakfast. We'd sit across each other going from conversations to conversations. They were so long that our housemates would shake their heads at us; wondering how we could go on talking for hours that way. If something shall had cause for us to go our separate ways, I felt that the memories of us lived on and would stay written in each side of this house wall.
From: I wrote this for you
The memories were  similar to those beautiful actions of waves of the oceans. Peaceful yet they shaken my soul every time. As the clocks was ticking away, we said words, we tried to ask one another how the hell did we happen? sinnce we didn't see it happening. We laughed at trying answering our own questions. Even though we were in the middle of laughing sometimes we'd just go back on letting silent arise around us. Being with each other was enough before we said our goodbyes. Through the peaceful effects of our hands, he led me to the warmth of his chest where I felt the rhythm of his heart beat loudly. I rested my head for a great amount of time listening to his heart beating as we smiled at each other. Later on as I got in the car I wept not because I was leaving a part of me behind, I wept because I was no...longer in control and it felt wonderful to fall beautifully then:
That was my journey back to Haiti

It's All Love
Sophie :)

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Open Notes

Roaring laughter
As someone who loves reading and write I have the tendency of analyzing everything around. I go deeper into the sentences, I try to bring the noise out of the silence, I learn so much from being an outsider when I am people watching. Sometimes my analyzing becomes destructive when it leads to over-thinking. One of the things that I've been thinking of lately is how we human we tend to want the easy way out. We tend to hide our true feelings due to being shy which leads to abbreviating words that makes these words look less sentimental. By sentimental I am referring to properly telling the people you love how much you love them by using that simple phrase but powerful three words. Have you ever said it aloud to yourself and think how beautiful I Love you sound rather than a short "luv ya, love"?
Coming out of the hiddenThere's a quote from an author named Ev'Yan who actually talked about hiding our true feeling behind abbreviating words. She stated that when we hide ourselves it only reverberate as:

"I have strong feelings of care & admiration for you, but I dare not say those three little words to convey my true feelings because they're drenched in too much emotion, so I shall instead chop them up, through out the most useful, potent parts, & give you a version that is easier to digest but will not fully nourish your being. NO"

"Say those three, specific, impactful words, the ones that turn our hearts into mush & make us feel a little high for a moment: I love you. Those simple syllables are small, but mighty. They instantly & allusively translate into: I adore you. I appreciate you. I respect you. You add delicious complexity to my existence. Say it with moxie. Say it with warmth. Say it because there is no ceiling on love; because you contain an infinite source of it; because love is meant to be given (& felt) freely on all levels. Say it because you know you mean it. Don’t apologize for it. Don’t end it with a disclaimer. Don’t dumb down your words to make less of an impact".----Ev'Yan

It's All Love
Sophie :)

Sunday, December 4, 2011

Finalement 21 ans


It's been awhile since I've done an outfit posts but the occasion was chosen well since Sat dec 3rd I turned 21. Is this the time where I become witty when people start asking my age and I tell them "well a young lady never tell her age?" or should I just now refer myself as an 'Twenty year old something' either way I am thankful for the person that I have become. I am definitely a work in progress, stubborn but I am definitely a work in progress.


I love to think that being a 20 year old was a great year. This is once again the time where I reflect about the last 12 months and tell you that "i've learned so much about myself" but this time I think I've learn so much about my surrounding...and fine I've learn things about myself as well.
Here is the list...please feel free to add more :)
I am hilarious when I choose to be.
I tend to take it as my weakness that I love hard but remembering Christ on the cross I can't help but remembering to stay strong though it's not easy.
I no longer look at the guys who approach me as a threat and I am a better girl for that.
I learned the hard way that communication is a must. In the words of John Mayer, please say what you need to say.
The fact that I have earned my Associates Degree shows me that hard work pays off.
I no longer feel silly for telling someone who is close how I feel about them.
Every mistake is a lesson learn.
I am the leader of my heart.
In the words of my mom "Je cherche faire la paix avec tout le monde"
I am learning to make peace with everyone in my surrounding.
It's All Love
Sophie :)

Friday, December 2, 2011

Birthday girl and Aunty A

Nostalgie Well Folks Tomorrow is the time where I don't have to feel guilty when all the attention is one, yes yes you guessed it right it's my birthday (as if the post title didn't give it away). Right now I am in the company of my wonderful Aunty A, she's already starting cooking for tomorrow as we are speaking. We are talking about Reggae music, talking about the youth of my mother...and making fun of my mom as we are on it as well :). I love her and her quirky ways
Happy 21st Birthday To Me and of course I will surely have an interesting birthday post...whenever I have timeee

It's All Love
Sophie :)