Friday, September 30, 2011

To Infinity and beyond

All right, all right you got me, how cheesy for a girl my age to use Toy Story quote but beloved friends of Cupcakes & Notes, this is just a message to you all informing you that starting today I will be on a hiatus from the blog. No it's not a love/hate relationship with it but because I am in big process of moving therefore I will start again as soon as everything is settle down...little by little...bit by bit.
Be safe
Sophie :)

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Sight Seeing and Ruffles!

IMG_6529A lot of my time has been spent painting or occasionally daydreaming through my Pinterest boards. I am always striving to find nex techniques to create colorful abstract art for the sake of my house. Between the hunger for new techniques and being kidnapped by Pinterest, the desire to travel started to kick it in. Oh the feeling of rushing on a airplane while strolling a little carryon in the back. Ok I know first hand it isnt as dreamy as I made it seem but hey.

  I Dreamed of Italy was created on a my traveling whirlwing with a lady who's spending her afternoon shopping in the country side of Italy in her heels and with her bike. {Check out the link for you won't regret it)Thank you Imagination I owe you one!

But Today our gal Julia is sight seeing the streets of Saint Tropez, France with her bike while sporting on a green and yellow ruffle shirt, a long side braid, high waist red pants while buying fresh new flowers to embellish her cozy little apartment during her year long stay for a program of studying abroad.
It's All Love

Sophie :)

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Then autumn came


For the last past days my throat has been putting me to sleep to rest because there's nothing that I could do but get rest and try to be creative. Miraculously this week it eased up and allowed me to be creative again this evening and that amount of time led me to illustrate the Fall days ahead.
The Little lady above is none but Alexa. She appreciate the wonderful breeze that Fall brings her as she steps out of the door. Lord knows she couldn't take more of that awful heat until she has to worry about it again next summer. Although Alexa is convinced that she detest the harsh cold air that comes with winter she feels ready to confront it while staying in style. Alexa takes consolation that she can look her absolute best as she is freezing her butts off with the art layering and combing colors with autumn tone, oversize bags, suede shoes and solid tight.

It's All Love

Sophie :)

Friday, September 16, 2011

Fall wishes list I

There's a new lady on the block from my line of Cupcakes And Notes. I'd like to introduce you to the ever workaholics, perky and fabuleuse Blaire Cupidon.

Blaire is currently finishing her last year of being an English major at Howard University in DC and seeking to go to Law School after her undergrad studies. Besides being on the look-out for classic novels, correcting people's grammar off the internet, or help shape out her brother and sister, Blaire loves shopping for wonderful pieces at bargain prices such as going to clearance rack before splurging to the new arrival section.

Blaire can be found at the student center as an SGA officer or strolling the streets of Manhattan where she helps out with her family's bakery and gift shop business.

It's all Love
S :)

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Re-discovering treasures

It's Wednesday and thought of linking up with Lindsay of  The Pleated Poppy for a session of What I wore.There are times when people say that you can shop your closet when you take the time to eliminate things that you no longer wear. I always thought it could be true but I didn't it would apply to me until I ended up on this crochet sweater begging to see La Lumiere du jour. Hmm if I have forgotten piece like that, closet cleaning may not be such a torture after all.

"If you're a bird, I am a bird" The Notebook

It may be a simple outfit but sometimes when I am doing too much I end up looking like a clown however I love putting efforts to style. It actually take effort to have a well worn personal style.

However simplicity won with this crochet sweater and I know that it will be best when it's worn with a soft tone color skirt, elegant shorts along with the navy wedge sandals that are presented in the pictures.

At the golden hour of love

But hey at least I am definitely learning the tricks of capturing the beauty of light with my new camera.
"...Stopp! collaborate and listen"

It's All Love

Sophie :)

Monday, September 12, 2011

I believe

La Lumiere du jour

My Faith in God is something in my life that I've been sure of since I was Fourteen .Just like a name that was carved with love into a tree I feel that my name is also engrave in God's heart. He knew me very well, before he formed me in the womb and I feel undeserved of his unconditional love. But I let him pour his blessings and goodness upon me everyday and strive to be and love more like him...even if I stumble sometimes.


Without any conceited and boastful thoughts, I can say that I believe that I am beautiful. In more explicit words I am this beautiful mess created to encourage, to create, to encourage, to love and to be love.

I believe in getting my tummy pinched by thousands butterflies at the thought of someone choosing to love me, being thought of and being missed.

I believe in a great loud roaring laughter with family, friends and even stranger. Laughing is always the guest of honor in my schedules, it brings out this energy from inside of me that makes me feel great for a good amount of time. So I'll just go ahead and do some more laughing while I am at it. Haha


I believe I can fall in love again at the time I am least expecting it. Cheesy but some cheesy are just all right too.

I believe that I should actually LOVE what I do as a living and LIVE the life that I want to live in accordance to God.

I believe there is no limit nor age to learn for knowledge is power and Ignorance is sadly but indeed bliss.


Just Like Audrey Hepburn stated, I believe in Pink. I am not really sure what is it about this color that can be loved {and hated} by many but although I love colorful things, a soft tone pink theme does it for me.

I believe that I can be a better human each day and I also believe that this line was pretty lame of me haha.

I believe in documenting life, setting goals and more importantly achieving them while learning from mistakes along the line. Mistakes are not something to be 100% proud of but let's face it, we learn from them and they have their lessons.

IMG_6735 Oh and I also believe in Love

Sophie :)

Sunday, September 11, 2011

I dreamed of Italy

I've never been to Italy however when with the universal tool that is being photography, I lingered around photographs taken of the city. I close my eyes picturing myself among these beautiful photographs taken, learning to speak gracefully and shopping around. With the inspiration came the time to embrace my watercolor and splash them across my blank Bristol paper.IMG_6695

Well since I can't make it to Italy personally I decided to give in my illustrations another round of this adventure. That bring it to Emma who's an exchange student from France. She wanted to combine all the things that she loves in one piece on this beautiful Sunday such as bicycling the country side of Italy in her heels,visiting the local farm shop, going to buy some fresh flowers, and soaking up the air. We can tell that Emma doesn't need a special event to dress up even if it .

So far she has learn lots of sentence to get great bargains on flowers, fruits and handmade jewelry.

Emma wants you to have a great Sunday

It's All Love

Sophie :)

Friday, September 9, 2011

Lights will lead you home

"Lights will guide you home" Coldplay

Sometimes in order to appreciate someone, a place, or your hometown it's necessary to take a leave of absence from it all and you'll come with a fuller appreciations. At least that's how I made my own realization.
It's All Love

Sophie :)
All Photos in this blog are taken by me <3

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Little but great little things

"Happy may we meet again"The months of festivities are quickly approaching but for just a moment I'd like to think back about the things that made me me smile this week. The first day of the year 2011 started horribly and I was a wreck. It started out rough for my family and I as we were face with two possible account of mortality in my mom's side of the family. On January 1st instead of rejoicing with the rest of the world of the possibilities that comes with a new year, I was waiting anxiously in the corner waiting to hear about the news of my cousin of mine who was shot. With God's grace he made it through. Although the pain seemed to ease, unfortunately I lost my aunty as we were on our way to Haiti. It's seems so unreal that she is gone but with strength I am comforted that she is no longer in pain.
        However I am forever grateful to Father God that he was able to see me through these dark time and comforted me. This is the list of my little but great little things. I decided to link up with Lindsay on "Aisle to Aloha" to talk about my little things :)"Freedom is from within"
1-Believing that it's honestly more than okay to be soulful while integrating writing with fashion while documenting my personal style. Writing is therapeutic for me therefore it is something that I dare not give up or forget about. Every visited line from a notebook just hits me.

2-Visiting a new country that share the same land of my country. That was tricky but while on my vacation in Haiti I visited Dominican Republic alone with Kell. As we arrived in the country later at night, Kell and I with the company of willing tourist went walking in the streets to dine.

3-Opening tubes of my watercolor/acrylic paint and that anxious feeling that I get when I am illustrating and experiencing with painting.

4-I was happy to find an abstract painting that I thought I lost in my suitcase. I search highs and low inside of my house but didn't check the suitcase until I thought of unpacking...Hehe.
Create time for your art
5-Opening tubes of my watercolor/acrylic paint while I am anxious tracing the lines of quirky illustration then painting it up.

5-Bible studies and commenting with my mother. Seriously we talk up a storm as we realize some Bible part can be relevant to our own lives.

6-Being told that I am missed by people that I miss dearly :)

7-Understanding that God didn't hand me the gifts of being an artist for nothing...even if being the crazy artsy wild child may raise my family's eyebrow but hey I will take it.

8-Thoughtful messages that basically get me shy...or totally turn me red...hiding my  face in my face while giggling...ah you get the great picture

9-The wonderful feedback I've had so far through this blog.

10-Re-visiting the photos of my time in Haiti. It led me to relax by editing more photos and appreciate the universal language that Photography is.
                                                                 It's All Love
Sophie :)

Aisle to Aloha

On this soulful thursday

maryam1Maryam was among the first people I shyly ask to start up my first experiences with photography. Along the lines of me directing her on where to pose, how to pose a bound of great friendship was found between her and I. Here is my little interview with her, enjoy

S:In your own words and self love what makes you beautiful?
Maryam :My love of being different makes me beautiful. The fact that I take pride in being a good person, and that I strive to be a better person every day is what makes me beautiful.

S:-Those are deep and clever answers. I know when you found out you had cancer you were devastated but how and what did you do to keep going to this journey?
Maryam: When I first found out I was devastated, I went through the “why me” phase, I went through a very dark depression for the first month.  I slowly came out of the depression as time progressed and as I got closer to my last session of Chemotherapy.  I had a great support team, and I strived to think positive, because I was told by a fellow survivor, that I needed to call myself a survivor even while I was going though it all, because it gave me the strength to know that I am a bad ass fighter.  Cancer is something that is a part of my life now. Sometimes still to this day, I have my moments were I cry when I think about what I went thorough and how much my life as changed.  Other times I cry because I am so happy I was blessed with a second chance at life. But the people I had around me and my positive attitude were the main thing that kept me going.
S:It's very moving and difficult but you are truly a survivor. I know you recently went back home from switching to Orlando to Arizona and as you were home you decided to take a break from school before you go back for your bachelors. What were the pros and cons of taking the break from school? did you had any time to polish any given talents
Maryam :YES! I am back home in Phoenix, Arizona.  I have the job that I wanted to have during my gap year.  I work in a school district as a teacher’s assistant.  I love the experience I am getting.  Like I am not use to always depending on solely the job as an income, especially when some much is taken out for certain things…smh, but hey it is life.  I also just miss the networking of school and getting up to go to class, etc.  I am saying that now but I am sure when I go back to school, I will be totally like, “I can’t wait for school to be done!!!” Sadly, no I do not have the room to get back into my art.  Most of my stuff is still in storage.  When I eventually leave the nest and spread my wings, and have my own, cute, adorable, place,I will have the room, to have my little art corner set up.  I miss my beading and fiber arts, it relaxes me. The pros of a gap year are I get the experience of working in a school district, I see how it works and runs, and having the time to just relax and focus on making myself and my health better. 

S:Very nice that you did constructive experiences with your time off from school.How do you describe your style in clothing? do you spend a big amount of time before figuring out what you’re going to wear like I do? Or you already know ahead of time.
Maryam :my style in clothing is so different and universal.  I don’t go by name brands; I am all about Quality honey!!!  Quality is what matters.  I do not like to fit into the fads and trends.  I embrace being different.  Sometimes I pick out my outfits the night before, and sometimes I just pick randomly, sometimes they are nice outfits, and sometimes they are pretty eccentric and fashion no no’s.  Other times, I like to dress up and wear make-up.  It all depends on my mood, and where I am going.

S:What are the quotes that you live by?--Think Positive! 
Maryam:--This song about smiling
Smile, tho' your heart is aching. Smile, even tho' it's breaking, when there are clouds in the sky you'll get by if you smile, through your fear and sorrow. Smile and maybe tomorrow you'll see the sun come shining thru for you. Light up your face with gladness, hide ev'ry trace of sadness altho' a tear maybe ever so near that's the time you must keep on trying. Smile what's the use of crying, you'll find that life is still worthwhile if you'll just smile.”
Charlie Chaplin

--And these Dr.Seuss quotes

You have brains in your head. You have feet in your shoes. You can steer yourself in any direction you choose. You're on your own. And you know what you know. You are the guy who'll decide where to go.

You know you're in love when you can't fall asleep because reality is finally better than your dreams.

Thank you for taking the time to answers my questions Maryam. You are one hardcore positive and lovely person always stay true to yourself...oh wait I know that's not a problem for you because you are already true to yourself :)

It's All Love

Sophie :)

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Colors of the wind

I am sure by now that my liking for stripes is publicly known. With fall approaching it will give me plenty of reasons to wear cute sweaters and let us not forget the excuse to finally wear boots. This is what I wore on this mighty Wednesday. IMG_6632


Normally I can the green top underneath by itself but that little darling of sweater was a better companion to jazz it. I use that word quite often don't I. I need to find another word.



                                                      It's All Love

                          Sophie :)

bright morning color palettes

A little bit of hot and soft colors inspiration for you this morning
It's beautiful to see that you can find inspiration in every little bitty thing there is.
With that in mind I am going off to my little studio and paint
and edit an interview I did with a great friend of mine.

It's All Love

Sophie :)

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Tea Party Dressing

A little glamor into this dull country side cityOne of the thing that I fear after I let down my guards is allowing someone into my heart again. In contradiction to that, I am certainly not afraid to love, devote myself to love and work continuously like others are afraid to. Like any hopeless romantic out there I like the sound of "being in love" but at the same time I don't want it to be the sole purpose that I welcomed any imposers that may want to steal my heart away for lukewarm reasons. I love to keep in mind that I want to fall beautifully with no control when I am ready.

"Happy have we met, Happy may we part, Happy may we meet again"
My Facebook's contacts are sometimes handful. It goes more to the ones who knew me before at my tender age in Haiti. Once they get in touch with me, they never hesitate to flood me with questions about the overall of my life. The questions seems to reveal that my life is so fascinating to them but me Haha. The desire of catching up is mutual as well because in a way I appreciate the fact that they thought of me after my absence. The only downfall and uncomfortable part of catching up is dealing with grown men who knew me as a baby are not having an interest in mind there my privacy settings comes in handy. A good example into this hilarious moments was when an old friend of mine asked me how my husband was doing. At first I thought I read wrong, looked down on my fingers to see whether or not my memory failed me on that one...(I am certainly being sarcastic here). I answered back with a question mark for him to modify that until he told me that someone informed him that I was engaged, going to get married soon. Instead of being mad for that lovely lie spread of me, I just laughed at that and asked that old friend of mine to tell me who told him so. However this old friend decided to change the subject by leaving the person anonymous. Oh! what a turtle!
"Happiness is a perfume you cannot pour on others without getting a few drops on yourself"

I'll pretend that I am Queen in my own world
 The inspiration behind this outfit was mainly because I didn't want to wear any sort of T-shirt and jeans for the day. I've been dying to wear skirts without worrying of being cold or predators and the need to be feminine that day led me to put this ensemble minutes before I headed to the door. I felt a wave of reassuring confidence in my walk so much that I fear other people may have sense it as well. Thankfully while I walked to my destination, a police officer complimented me and said that I looked very nice. Then upon my arrival home a jogger who happened to cross my path said that I looked beautiful in his thick accent. Well this week has been nothing but compliments in my photography and appearance. All these compliments are being taken with nothing but love :)
The comments, the sweet compliments, I could get used to that
                                                     It's all Love

Sophie :)