Monday, November 21, 2011

Dans mon ptit chez moi

I am ending my Monday night with the following thoughts and images of my new home.

-My birthday is near and this year I'll be home with my people :)

-Although all my aunties have passed, I have gained a profound love for my Aunty A. She makes me realize that great friends do exist after all through goods and bad time

-Why do freaks never get the hint that I am not interested in going out with them?

-It's still weird that I am not wearing my winter clothing at all because Haiti is mostly a summer all year long type of weather.

-My first reflects are still in English

-I am not allowed to keep falling for Meester yet he's either violently present or tenderly distant in my thoughts...Yet never away from my prayers.

-I would totally keep going on about him...but I won' least not right now lol

-My photography biz is slowly getting the attention of it being an art. It's standing out, that makes me proud.

-I love being happy

Ze End

It's All Love

Sophie :)

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Sunday Sketch-Lazy Sunday Afternoon

When was the last time I published one of my illustrations. This evening I wanted to link up with Sophia's Sunday Sketch

Without a long introduction I'd love to introduce you to Addison. She lives in a tropical city in Jacmel, Haiti and it's summer all year long. Although she gets bizarre stares for wearing such a colorful silky scarf in such a hot period, she stare back by sharing a smile and a wave.

With her blue little stripe bag, she is probably on her way to spent the entire Sunday evening with her dear nieces and nephews

It's All Love
Sophie :)

Monday, November 14, 2011

Through the window of a heart

Home is where the soul is
I fuss, I fight, I laugh very loud, I discover,I keep my feelings to myself until I decided to ruin the secrecy of telling the victim involved (lol) but mostly I love...gosh I do love hard.
 While going through my timeline regarding blogs, photos and entries this evening I had misty eyes as I was going through a time. A time that I thought was chaotic to me then, but only seemed chaotic then. I was in my late teen years experiencing the first effects of what loving someone else was all about. Upon the first guy I've loved so dearly I re-discovered words and art. I don't want to flatter him much by associating him with praises but I am aware that one can rediscover present gift within themselves.

To Infinity and beyond Although he added more fuel to my chaotic life that experience only made me a better girl. What? you're a better girl for getting your heart broken you may ask? Oh no a better girl because I am fully aware of my worth. I am aware of what I deserve. I am aiming to be somebody that somebody love and trust. To finish the thought of my memory lane ride it was clear to see that the guy was a muse well used then. As I am going through the pages of memories I can't help but laugh and smile at what once me smile. I used to be shattered by these memories when I thought of them. I no longer feel hunted by them. These memories of a girl who tried desperately to find herself is now lost in the time frame of the past and instead of crying my sorrow, I am able to laugh with joy.
    I laugh and thank God because he has restored my joy. He has restored my heart, the fears of letting someone else in this mess of a heart. I thank him for making my restoration whole though the scars of my healing wombs are present. The faded scars are only present to show that I've survived. I've had so much restoration with time that I remembered falling in love again.
It’s good to know that my surviving heart was able to love again.

It's All Love

Sophie :)

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Confident enough to know

Healing never looked so good on me
I am confident and mature enough to know that when I fall in love that it's done beautifully in truth. Although it has its flaws which includes a ride of ups and down deep in my heart and soul I know it works. I want to be able to pass these avenues that keeps me from meeting you; whether you are right in front of me and you can’t realize it or whether that I don't know you yet, I want to be able to filter out all the ingredients that are not meant to be in the equation of the fruits of my love. My heart no longer wants to sing tiredsome blues nor heartache…it longs for strenght…stability…and a place that calls her home and she too can call home

The little moments are big moments
It's All Love

Sophie :)

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

A well deserved welcome

I'll be here waiting when you're ready to love me again

I've never been so happy to be back in the wagon of blogging. It’s been a month but I feel as if it's been forever in the blogspere. It felt so long that every now and then I forget that wonderful feeling that I get from being able to create freely.  For the last few months I've been in the process of moving…moving and oh did I mention moving? My family and I went from leaving the Sunshine State Of Florida to living in our Home Country in Haiti. We've been doing so much work renovating our house to transform it to a home that being exhausted becomes part of my daily routine. Thus far everything has been going well throughout our days back home, sometimes when I look out my window it feels unreal to think that I traded my fall/winter wardrobe for short sleeves shirts, dresses and pants, although I still wear my scarves every now and then regardless the funny stares haha.  Some days are hotter than others and there are a few time when I felt a breeze that led me to wear a light jacket.
 One thing that has changed is the fact that I am officially a Blogger based in Haiti therefore I aim to only bring out the positive traits of Haiti along with my work. Although I am an artist I believe that I've seen quite negatives photos of my country. I aim to show through here that Haiti is more than January 12th 2010,therefore I will choose to keep these ugly sides out of my blog. With that in mind I am welcoming myself back here hoping this will become my motivation to keep posting works such as illustrations and photography. I am looking forward to re-connecting with you all and read all of the wonderful things that I’ve missed in your lives.
It’s All Love

Sophie :)