Saturday, July 27, 2013

♡ Pink Friday and 22 Facts

Helllo Good day yall. Summer days are rather light these days so I am enjoying my days off from school. The break is well needed so I am doing what I can to enjoy until I can no longer do it anymore., I am enjoying it before I can no longer do it haha. I still have a lot to do for work but I would rather for it to stay that way despites being tired occasionaly. I wanted to post 50 facts about me along with an outfit post buttt I realized that it might be way too long to read so I cut the list down to 22 instead. I hope it entertains you and you get the chance to know me a little. So why don't we all get started with that.

1- I was born in Port-Au-Prince, Haiti resided in the upper town of Port-Au-Prince which is Petion-Ville for most of my childhood days.

2-I went to a Catholic all girls school up until 4th grade, it's great to brag about it to your friends like  "J'ai été chez les soeurs de SFA" but I am glad it was a short journey.

Thursday, July 18, 2013

A story of No can do, cans and other possibilities

Last Friday of 12th July 2013 was the end of my first year attending College here in Port-Au-Prince. The experiences were expected to be a ride of tears and joy. Needless to say, it was a challenge and a surprise that led me choose marketing as my major. The beggining of the second semester was an exploration to me since I would attend my Marketing courses and International Relations courses as well. Of course my Marketing peers thought that I've gone completly crazy by trying to attend opposites lectures but the "adventurious side" in me wanted to expand my horizons by exploring my limits and interests. The International Relations courses were interesting considering how heavy and compensed the materials were. That one particular course of Comtemporary History was interesting as well since the professor just kept splitting his lecture half into a mouthful of how he hated Religion all together, how he would not even classify himself as an atheist and the little remaining of class he'd remember to go on with his lecture only to bomb his students in his exams.