Friday, June 6, 2014

3 days of Summer, Oufit #1 "The Saturday"


We may have had a bit of cold weather during the year but it's nothing a light cardigan couldn't handle. In fact we complain more about the rising heat with folks saying things such as « Mezanmi gadon chalè » translated into « My goodness, what a heat ? ». You can only escape that heat by staying hydrated, staying indoors with the AC or Fan on but if you only stay indoors, you're missing out on making memories....and getting the billls paid -__-
So the inspirations that I've got for the upcoming season of Summer made me style 3 different outfits with the same pants. Sounds like an outfit remix to me but as you can tell the pants are yellow. My classic look is wearing a blouse, or a graphic tee with a skinny leg dark navy jeans with some accessories. Solid colored pants (may it be jeans or not) are the best way to versatile your look and I've been adding them on my wardrobe for awhile now and that's why the yellow pants came to mind. With colored pants, there's no limits with them for you can dress them up or dress them down. The key is to look around you and make it to your style.
IMG_4156  Outfit #1 reminds me of one of my favorite day which is the good ole Saturday because it's very casual  with grey flats sandals, a blue navy flowy top thrown in with a light scarf as accessories which I've handmade with painting last year. Oh before you say with sarcasm «Um Sophie, you live in a tropical country ? » let me just add that I am a firm believer that scarves made with light fabrics can be worn as statement accessories. For the make up, I kept it "Neutra"l with red lips and a beast of cateyes that can't really be seen :( Quite frankly,I've been experiencing the need to try on neutral eye-makeup because if it's appropriate for school it's surely appropriate for work, i'll keep my hot smokey eyes for other occassions. Speaking of make up, a dear classmate decided out of the bloom to call me « The girl with the red lips » because my teacher was looking for me in the class (I am the quiet one out of my classmates) so she told her in order to find me is to look for the girl with the "Red Lips" Haha I understood right away why the name was appropriate because I am mostly the only student spotted with lipstick most of the days. What can I say, I was influenced by the best at an early age which is Momma and her heels and her unlimited purchase of make-up:)

Stay tuned for the 2 remaining style entries.
It's all Love
Sophie :)


Nerline Germain said...

I love those pants, girl!

Sophie with her Illustrations said...

Thank you Nerline, you can rock them too ;)