Sunday, March 25, 2012

Smelling roses and coffee {Sunday Sketch}

Gabriella 2 I m not really sure what went from my creative well crafted subject lines to my sudden attack of random quirky lines now. Without going through much details over this arrangement in this mind of mine, I would love to present you to Gabriella. Gabriella is much like me with that long flowy hair. I would love to say that she works at my current school (Institut Francais d'Haiti) as the Cultural Event person. Much like me, she loves the arts and she is devoted to spend majority of her time working in the arts...Besides she is a true believer that you must love what you do. Waking up every morning planning events, meeting new artists to bring them up front to the crowd is what Gabriella was born to do. Don't you just love her mean walk attitude? Yes you guessed it right, time is money and time is valuable  :)
                                   Teaming Up with Sunday Sketch
It's All Love
Sophie :)