Thursday, January 3, 2013

22 in fiesty red and a Happy New Year

I would love to wish you all of you nice friend who read my blog a Happy New Year. We know for a fact that a New Year does'nt bring any changes. In fact we are the ones responsible to live our lives and create the changes ourselves. I am not going through the details about the rituals of a New Year but so far I know that I want to keep working hard in school and keep up with my starting job here in Haiti.
Well I don't think there is a rule against posting my fiesty red holidays photography therefore I am doing it. In retrospective, my Christmas break was wonderful, it was also the month of my birthday as well. And so RED was in the honor of being 22 and for the rest of the Chrsitmas season. Since the starts of my 20s I have had an slight obsession with flowing short dress because its my way of showing off my long legs. With this little red number, sometimes I have to pair it up with black opaque tights,depending on where I am going. Or to jazz it up a bit I add a scarf of a great noticing colors across the dress instead. This dress can be worn in so different ways for style.IMG_0686

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It was an instant hit through the Haitian crowd (Haha love how I talk about this dress as if it was a song) since I received many compliments from it. Do you want to know a shocking secret about this dress?
Ah! I don't think you're ready to hear it. Ok fine, I am giving in. My mother was the one who first saw this dress and didnt stay silent about how it was the IT dress for my 22nd. I looked at the dress that hung nicely on the shop rack and I replied with a nonchallent "Hmm sure" while exploring other racks. But for some reasons, I kept going back to my mom's choice and decided to give it a chance until I put it on and then....the rest is now a beautiful love story. 

It's All Love

Sophie :)