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"Adventure is the best way to learn"
Hello to you thanks for stopping by to read notes while nibbling on the crumbs of cupcakes. My name is Sophie and as you're finding your way in with this blog I encourage you to do as you please. Take a look around, search underneath the couch, take the throw of pillows for some comfort so we can sit and have one long overdue convo. I used to blog over at Notes On Autumn Leaves but just recently over one night I decided to start all over again to document my handmade illustrations, photography and personal stories along the lines.

I am now allowed to say that I am a twenty year-old blogger but still have the heart and the energy of an energetic bunny...or I'd like to think so. Currently I obtain my degree of  Associates of Arts planning to transfer into a University In the States {or out of the country} to pursue a major that I am passionate about. I am currently taking a minor break from all the wonderful years that I've fulfilled already to sort out this wonderful life of mine and already I think I may have sign up for an adventure.
White Tee and Blues
I've been drawing ever since I could remember but knew that perhaps I had a talent for the arts when the kids from my kindergarten class would not stop sneaking their tiny adorable head over my table for inspiration (haha) and later had classmates befriend me from middle school all the way through high school for creative assignments. I am truly happiest with blank cripy bristol paper, cutesy notebooks, chick lit movies and books, paint tubes, family, friends and the non-ending roar of laughter.
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It's All Love