Saturday, March 2, 2013

Hey Peppermint Tea

Hey Peppermint tea

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I've been experiencing with color cordination along with their materials to break away from throwing on some cute shirt and a cute jeans although I stilll love me some jeans. As I was mixing the tops and bottoms that I have, this ensemble came to mind and I wasted no time to try it on to have a better visual of how it would be. Normally, my schol uniforms are consisted of the colors white, grey and sometimes black so you can imagine my need to add a hot color to bring myself to style. Wearing these daily colors led me to believe that I wore them because I was obligated but I never give it a thought to wear it as a personal choice. It still may not be my favorite color but the art of mixing dark colors with pastel ones made me grey in a different view (Lightbulb comes on with angelic music sound) Some of the girls at my school definitely owns their uniforms by standing out from the sea of monochrome with the way they adjust their accessories. Whether it's a turquoise paisley scarf, multiple thin belt, bold accessories such as peach necklace or stacking up their arms with big watches and other bracelets, they are definitely standing out. Here's to the wonderful though that grey is no longer an orphan color to me.
Hope you are all having a wonderful week-end.

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Naturelle Me... said...

Hi mon ami!
I love the outfit, super cute!

Naturelle Me... said...

Yeah, I do have a twitter it's

Jillian said...

Loooveee the red and white stripes. Too cute!


Beauty said...

You look Chic. I love The look.

JustPorsh said...

Really lovely outfit.
Love ur striped shirt.

Sarah with a Bow said...

I'm glad this outfit came to you, because it looks great!

Fash Boulevard said...

In love with this red, white and blue look.

I would love if you could stop by my blog and enter my latest giveaway!

Sophie with her Illustrations said...

Thank you all for the comments, it is so appreciated

simplychic said...

love those red and white stripes!

blogoratti said...

Nice look!