Saturday, July 27, 2013

♡ Pink Friday and 22 Facts

Helllo Good day yall. Summer days are rather light these days so I am enjoying my days off from school. The break is well needed so I am doing what I can to enjoy until I can no longer do it anymore., I am enjoying it before I can no longer do it haha. I still have a lot to do for work but I would rather for it to stay that way despites being tired occasionaly. I wanted to post 50 facts about me along with an outfit post buttt I realized that it might be way too long to read so I cut the list down to 22 instead. I hope it entertains you and you get the chance to know me a little. So why don't we all get started with that.

1- I was born in Port-Au-Prince, Haiti resided in the upper town of Port-Au-Prince which is Petion-Ville for most of my childhood days.

2-I went to a Catholic all girls school up until 4th grade, it's great to brag about it to your friends like  "J'ai été chez les soeurs de SFA" but I am glad it was a short journey.

3-I had a semi low-self esteem when I hit puberty, I was comparing myself to other girls because...welp boys were mean. Until one day I woke up and I looked at myself in the mirror and said 'Hey're cool to me' This is where I started to accept myself for who I am and twerk somethings that I wanted to change of me.

4-I can talk for hours and hours until you interupt me so do NOT be fooled by my shy posture.

5- I am a semi perfectionist, I will go to the extreme for something to be perfect then when I hit my lowest I just chill and live in the moment.

6-I am always in the search of a good bargain. Oh I live for that.

7- Momma taught me time in 2nd grade so ever since that first official Mickey Mouse handwatch I've been  collecting watches and I can't complete my outfit without adding my big watch.

8-I just love,love the rush of getting into an airplane. I love when the hostess voice comes in the intercome and says "Welcome aboard". I love walking into a gate (Lawd I hope I don't regret saying this) I just hate dealing with the anxiety of checking in my bags.

9-I have Everything Backstreet-Boys in my antique box. They were my favorite boy band of all time.

10-In fact besides private english courses, I learned english through pop songs and the Maury Show "You are NOT the father" haha

11-I just love saying the words Chocolatey and Bataclans. Bataclans is french for saying 'my stuffs'.

12-I am a righty, holla.

13-I just love the 'getting to know' stage of a new relationship whether it's a new friend or a new love interest. I love it when it happens sponteaneously, it's like the new fall of tiny snowflakes.

14-I occasionally youtube dance work-out routines to work out because it will keep me interested and the best way to stay fit is to be interested and not be bored by the work out routines.

15-I am a late bloomer...'nuff said guys

16-I love 90's RèB, early 2000s music, they are just everything. I am a 90s kiddo so every now and then I do my own retro in 90s music.

17-I am a horrible texter now. Unfortunately people take it personal at times because I can take bazillion years to reply back without realizing it. I just love hearing voices on the other end of the line, I love checking my phone to see missed calls, ok and textes as well.

18-If you have no consistency in your convos with me then I am going to say Buh-Bye now.

19-If I was just a little bit taller, I would be walking on that stage and work it honey. I used to want to be a model back then, but I didn't say anything because everybody and their momma WANTED to be a model too at the time. But I  used to watch all ANTMs shows. I still WANT to model.

20-I am starting to like dogs now.

21-My favorite authors are the ones who write in the Chick Lit categories such as Jenifer Wiener and Emily Giffin. I love reading and I need to go back to that again.

22-I started driving at 22 because I was terrified of driving in my teens but wohouw and yas for overcoming my fears of taking the road.

That's it's peeps
It"s All Love

Sophie :)

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