Friday, November 1, 2013

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IMG_3359 .  Summer of 2013 didn't only bring a break from school but it brought the importance of joy, connecting with my inner spirit, the importance of being self-proficient and the cliche of summer love. I'd like to applaud myself for actually living for the moment while I was away from home.
There were multiple things that led my body, mind and soul to be refreshed from that condensed academic year stress that I was upon. These multiple refreshing ' things' compiled to recreate 'ma joie de vivre'on earth.
It was refreshing to live in the moment mixed in with the exitements of the happy hours of summer.
Refreshing to hang down my bulky golden braids and be as free as they were in the wind.
To re-lived mychildhood travelling days as I rushed in to get connecting flight with my father as a young adult.
To know that I had the routes at the sole of my feet.
Refreshing that I wore my tourista hat so well by shopping, hanging out with friends.
Refreshing that I have found the rythm of Cape Verdian upbeat songs, the undeniable smooth paces of Zouk and the romantic rythm of Kompa with my nothern family.

IMG_3358 Refreshing that Momma missed me back home while I was away.
To know that I made her hella proud.
Refreshing that I spent some bonding time walking and shopping around the city with my older brother and innocently funny that people reffered to the ressemblance of our hair though they were different.
Refreshing that I was seen as a respectful young lady with a twist of quirk despite the first shy appearance.
Oh so refreshing that every now and then I was considered to be "exotic" by living citizen of Massachusetts.
Refreshing to see the anxious trail in my father's eyes as I was disolving into the security gates of Logan Airport as I ame referring to a man who has emotions but seldom shows it.
Refreshing to know that despite how heated I can be that I was able to hold on to my patience,my serenity and sanity when my flight back to Haiti was canceled due to leaking problems.
Refreshing to know that my communication skills did not fail to intervene when I was trapped in Logan Airport with 3 fellow haitians who were also in the same boat as me.
Refreshing that I realized how beautiful it it to be selfless as a servant only to be rewarded with huge smiles, hugs and gratitude.
Refreshing and oh so grateful for technology that I was able to communicate and update mainly my worried Momma back home and my calm collected Father in the States and the rest of my family and friends.
Refreshing that Sophie had her groove, though she never lost it to begin with. Haha
It's All Love.

Sophie :)

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