Friday, January 3, 2014

Feliz Ano Nuevo 2014


Where do I start? The year of 2013 was surprisingly a great one although it wasn't felt that much on the blog but the positive of it is the fact that more people from accross the world took their time to read my previous entries and enjoy what lil ole me had to write about. Although I don't believe in the mantra that a new year brings goodness, but by all means if it helps you to believe that it is your chance to improve yourself and other impact of your life, go for it and maintain it. My thoughts for this month is to do a little bit of self-evaluation about actually LIVING my life.


Haitians living in Haiti as well abroad are always looking forward to celebrate the festivities of January 1st and 2nd . Those days have so much meaning for us in terms of history since it's the day that we celebrate our independence as the first black nation to be free and the following day which is January 2nd the day we salute and celebrate our heroes for giving us Haiti; our Mother Land as our heritage. If you are from a large haitian family, it's the time for little cousins to run down the house, front and the back yard playing tag and create memories their own way. If your circle of family is smaller you have the men who could be easily be mistaken for politicians with a glass of Kremas in their hand and accross the room you see the ladies taking in part of their activities while they are handling "denye koze a" (The latest gossip). If most of your family live abroad, you share the pride of being Haitians with your close friends.

IMG_3640 With that being said, I wish you all a Happy New Years, may you know that you are in charge to do something extraordinary throughout the year. Cheers and blessings for you all lovers.
It's all love
Sophie :)

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