Monday, November 21, 2011

Dans mon ptit chez moi

I am ending my Monday night with the following thoughts and images of my new home.

-My birthday is near and this year I'll be home with my people :)

-Although all my aunties have passed, I have gained a profound love for my Aunty A. She makes me realize that great friends do exist after all through goods and bad time

-Why do freaks never get the hint that I am not interested in going out with them?

-It's still weird that I am not wearing my winter clothing at all because Haiti is mostly a summer all year long type of weather.

-My first reflects are still in English

-I am not allowed to keep falling for Meester yet he's either violently present or tenderly distant in my thoughts...Yet never away from my prayers.

-I would totally keep going on about him...but I won' least not right now lol

-My photography biz is slowly getting the attention of it being an art. It's standing out, that makes me proud.

-I love being happy

Ze End

It's All Love

Sophie :)


VJ-Writes said...

love the pictures! actually I have one of them as my desktop:) I am going you taking pictures of me:(

I like your Meester. Go on about him....hehe;)

Sophie with her Illustrations said...

Oh V-J it's great to hear that you have one of my photos as your desktop. That gaves me warm chills :)
I will try to talk about meester whenever I can in the truest possible way