Monday, September 12, 2011

I believe

La Lumiere du jour

My Faith in God is something in my life that I've been sure of since I was Fourteen .Just like a name that was carved with love into a tree I feel that my name is also engrave in God's heart. He knew me very well, before he formed me in the womb and I feel undeserved of his unconditional love. But I let him pour his blessings and goodness upon me everyday and strive to be and love more like him...even if I stumble sometimes.


Without any conceited and boastful thoughts, I can say that I believe that I am beautiful. In more explicit words I am this beautiful mess created to encourage, to create, to encourage, to love and to be love.

I believe in getting my tummy pinched by thousands butterflies at the thought of someone choosing to love me, being thought of and being missed.

I believe in a great loud roaring laughter with family, friends and even stranger. Laughing is always the guest of honor in my schedules, it brings out this energy from inside of me that makes me feel great for a good amount of time. So I'll just go ahead and do some more laughing while I am at it. Haha


I believe I can fall in love again at the time I am least expecting it. Cheesy but some cheesy are just all right too.

I believe that I should actually LOVE what I do as a living and LIVE the life that I want to live in accordance to God.

I believe there is no limit nor age to learn for knowledge is power and Ignorance is sadly but indeed bliss.


Just Like Audrey Hepburn stated, I believe in Pink. I am not really sure what is it about this color that can be loved {and hated} by many but although I love colorful things, a soft tone pink theme does it for me.

I believe that I can be a better human each day and I also believe that this line was pretty lame of me haha.

I believe in documenting life, setting goals and more importantly achieving them while learning from mistakes along the line. Mistakes are not something to be 100% proud of but let's face it, we learn from them and they have their lessons.

IMG_6735 Oh and I also believe in Love

Sophie :)


**OnYxStA** said...

I wish there was a way to 'favourite' a blog post, like you can a tweet cos I absolutely LOVED this post! Hope you don't mind, but I tweeted your words "I am a beautiful mess...created to love and be loved"

Inspired x


Tory said...

I believe in you! <3

Sophie with her Illustrations said...

@Onyxsta : Thank you that is one great compliment that I am thankful for I am glad that my post was able to inspire you.

@Tory : Awh Thank youu dearest :)

Megan said...

Such beautiful colors in these photos!!! And I really like what you said - you ARE beautiful and it's important that you know it :) Cute outfit!

Ashleigh Nicole said...

Cute, colorful blog! Love your wedges and I'm definitely a fan of argyle.

xo Ashleigh

Spitting Glitter said...

Amen! x 100


Lori said...

Love this! So refreshing to know just what you want and what you believe in.

Lucija said...

Ahhh, such pretty photos! Love the way you think - so chic!
Follow each other? :)


Sophie with her Illustrations said...

Thank you for stopping by my blog ladies :) will come visit you all as soon as possible

Cyrcee said...

This is so beautiful, every bit of it..the colors, the photos, the whole blog itself really. It's inspirational too, u made me start believing in myself just a lil bit ..♥ & miss u!!! *muaahhhzzzzzzzzz

melissa said...

Oh my goodness! I love your top. A LOT!

The name of your blow is completely adorable as well :]

Let's keep in touch via blogs! hehe

Btw, totally following you on bloglovin' now!

Sophie with her Illustrations said...

Melissaa! Thank you girl I will make sure to follow you as well :)

Sophie with her Illustrations said...

Thank you for visiting Cyrcee :)

Sheyla said...

lovely colors!