Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Then autumn came


For the last past days my throat has been putting me to sleep to rest because there's nothing that I could do but get rest and try to be creative. Miraculously this week it eased up and allowed me to be creative again this evening and that amount of time led me to illustrate the Fall days ahead.
The Little lady above is none but Alexa. She appreciate the wonderful breeze that Fall brings her as she steps out of the door. Lord knows she couldn't take more of that awful heat until she has to worry about it again next summer. Although Alexa is convinced that she detest the harsh cold air that comes with winter she feels ready to confront it while staying in style. Alexa takes consolation that she can look her absolute best as she is freezing her butts off with the art layering and combing colors with autumn tone, oversize bags, suede shoes and solid tight.

It's All Love

Sophie :)


melissa said...

How do you come up with the names? :]

I love the name Alexa and her outfit!

Sophie with her Illustrations said...

Hey Melissa well the names come to me randomly sometimes but thank you dear :)

Marie Photographie said...

Your art is incredible!! I love it. :)

Notes She Wrote

Erin said...

These are beautiful, Sophie! I long for a day when you illustrate me! That would be magical!


Erin @ http://www.trufflesnruffles.com/

melissa said...

Just wanted you to know I awarded you a little something on my blog! Check out my newest post to find out what :]

Simply, Melissa Ashley

Sophie with her Illustrations said...

Oh! thank you ladies that warms my heart and I will go ahead and check it out Melissa :)