Saturday, December 17, 2011

Mes premieres experiences a L'Institut Francais

Hide & SeekI am sure by now that all of you are aware that my family and I we have moved back to our hometown in Haiti. It's been already two months close to three that we've been back and I am still accommodating to my surrounding such as the streets of Port-Au-Prince. Before I left when I was thirteen I was aware the capital of Haiti was filled with people but it got bigger after the terrible earthquake. Needless to say the streets are HOT sometimes I compare the streets as my lover; We don't always get along but at the end of the day we remain in love. It saddened me though that I can't trace back the beautiful scenery of the place that I grew up.

 Upon my arrival in the country, I was enrolled at what we call "Des Coures de rattrapage" in French (broad review courses) so I can be well prepared for classes in my College career in Haiti. People think it's nearly impossible to do so but little did they know is that it's achievable but then again this is a whole argument for another day. The amount of time I left Haiti forced me to focus in English in order to succeed therefore my native tongue both French and English took a break without any of intentions. The lessons and practices made in the class forces me to face the reality I need to be confident that my sentences structures are bold, grammatically correct and at ease to people's ears. It doesn't hurt that the people in my class are also class clowns so far so good, nothing beats the feeling of being home.

It's All Love
Sophie :)


Ms. Geek Goddess said...

Wow that is so interesting. Ah, I wish that I was from a different country... like England... Lol. This way I would not have to learn a different language. How far did you get in school in the states and will that have any bearing in Haiti? I love how you compare the streets to a lover. Nice! :)

Sophie with her Illustrations said...

I did 9th from 12th grade and 3 years of College in the states. I did 13 years in Haiti.