Saturday, December 17, 2011

The nearness of you.

Saving Grace

The last day of my holidays ended with him sitting closely by my sides. My head was resting on his shoulder, we were silent yet our hearts were booming with things to say. Instead of worrying about the heavy weight of my luggages I decided to stay within his presence instead. As the hours were slowly turning into miserable seconds I thought of reviewing the house that turned into a home; one that would never be forgotten; a wide house that held memories in each room. I remembered at night how we both dreamed separately but our thoughts connected each other throughout the wee hours of the night. I touched the perimeter of the balcony as I walked remembering where I used to stand in the morning on the bright summer of Haiti smiling and waving at him to invite him to come for breakfast. We'd sit across each other going from conversations to conversations. They were so long that our housemates would shake their heads at us; wondering how we could go on talking for hours that way. If something shall had cause for us to go our separate ways, I felt that the memories of us lived on and would stay written in each side of this house wall.
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The memories were  similar to those beautiful actions of waves of the oceans. Peaceful yet they shaken my soul every time. As the clocks was ticking away, we said words, we tried to ask one another how the hell did we happen? sinnce we didn't see it happening. We laughed at trying answering our own questions. Even though we were in the middle of laughing sometimes we'd just go back on letting silent arise around us. Being with each other was enough before we said our goodbyes. Through the peaceful effects of our hands, he led me to the warmth of his chest where I felt the rhythm of his heart beat loudly. I rested my head for a great amount of time listening to his heart beating as we smiled at each other. Later on as I got in the car I wept not because I was leaving a part of me behind, I wept because I was no...longer in control and it felt wonderful to fall beautifully then:
That was my journey back to Haiti

It's All Love
Sophie :)


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Oh my goodness, everything about this post is amazing!

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Go Norah!

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