Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Exposed II

Elevating through the cloud Note to self
Speak out when you feel something isn't right withing you.
You are a human being not a super-hero although you would love to believe so.
But the truth is, emotionally (and physically) you're not a super-hero therefore you're allowed to break every once in a while. Cry out to the depth of your soul when it is necessary. Talk to someone not just anyone who's ready to land you their ears.
Understand that no amount of bad days will define that you have a bad life.
Keep in mind that when a men doesn't want you, nothing you do will make him stay.
You're not allowed to walk into depression when things go astray
you're allowed to crying is proof that something ain't right.
It's proof that something hurts and yes it hurts as Helllll.
Always remember that you didn't just happen, you're not an accident.
Stop pretending that everything is okay and actually say what the hell is wrong when someone ask you what is wrong.
Remember that you should not chase people away from you just because things ain't right.
Try to always stay positive in the midst of that bloody storm you're facing.
Always remember that Jesus himself knew greater pain therefore he knows what you're going through.
Never underestimate the institution of Marriage that God has created just because you live and saw the worst possible example of what marriage could be.
Always remember you deserve the best and if you're not happy with someone after trying and trying...just get your shit out and leave.
Always remember the people who decide to be there for you even if it's small circle remember them.
Don't start building up fences, bridges for people to climb because you're facing what you are facing today because you will be miserable thinking that everyone is after breaking your heart.
Don't for a second start entertaining the thought that all men are pigs. I know you're tempted to think so but please I am begging you to not nourish the thought in your head because there are good young lady like you therefore there are still good guys out there.
Do write in your journal when you feel like the whole world is on your case.
Don't start out with bad habits, you're thinking of them but please don't start bad habits.