Saturday, September 29, 2012

Allons au marché

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It is amusing to me that only in my illustrations a girl can be anything that she wants to be such as wearing a fancy sundress with a loud jewelry pearl statement and go to the farmer market afterward. This is the case for this young lady; Stella who along with other young designers showcased their work. Her creations are all made of pearl jewelry statement. Hard work and long hours and sleepless night does pay off since her crowd was supportive.
         I love supporting local market in my area and I believe subconsciously it is the reason why a farmer's market is never too far from my illustrations. I am not exactly where I want to be yet as an illustrator who happens to love fashion but I am seeing progress and my evolution as an artist. Although I am building my "niche" little by little, taking chances to be seen, I believe there is always room for improvements whether by observing, learning, being patience and study as well.

It's All Love
Sophie :)


Melissa Vega said...

Your illustrations are wonderful! I think it's so brave of you to be able to showcase your artwork and admit it is not where you want to be as an artist yet. Such bravery :)

Farmers Markets are the absolute best! While I was in college, my little mountain town had the best one, but since graduation I have moved away. I need to find one in my new town!

- Melissa, The 25th Hour Blog

Heather said...

gorgeous colors!!!!!!!!!

Sophie with her Illustrations said...

Melissa thank you for the encouraging words there, it certainly wasn't something easy to admit. :) I hope you do find the Farmers Markets in your new town.
@ Heather, thank youuu :)

circleofchaos said...

Nice post.^^
Maybe follow each other???
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Sophie with her Illustrations said...

Thank you for your visit there :) will take a look at your blog as well

Anonymous said...

I really love this! Do you do illustrations of other people? Do you have an Etsy page? Maybe you do and I'm not looking in the right places...

Sophie with her Illustrations said...

Thank you Lucy I am not sure if you got my response on twitter but I used to have an etsy shop but I had to close it for awhile...I am rethinking the idea of being an etsy owner again