Monday, September 24, 2012

Notes on Autumn Leaves

Fall in Haiti

There's isn't much of Autumn season here in Haiti since it is summer temperature all year long. Even if I wanted to bring a bit of fall in my choice of clothing, Port-Au-Prince awful heat and the glares that I'd get from people are what keeps my audacity from adding scarves and tan boots with any outfits. Since it's a different location, I decided to conform that period of the year the way that I could...even with the heat.
As much as I can not part away from my skinny jeans, I must admit that I felt like a true young lady when I paired this blouse semi tucked in with those semi wide leg denim.(not that I never felt like one when I wear skinny jeans...U get it right?)
IMG_0150joe boxer wide leg, target, haiti It's All Love
Sophie :)


Eunice said...

Thanks for showing love!! Giving it right back! Newest Follower :) I hope to go to Haiti one day! Love your blog very fun!!


Sophie with her Illustrations said...

Thank you Eunice :)