Thursday, August 25, 2011

On this beautiful...and honest day

Twirl your worries away
If you just arrived into my renewed blog website I thank you for arriving and I am sure you can tell this gal {that would be me}is a Newbie. Not completely a newbie in all sense of the word but I'd like to think that I am in order to grow. When it comes to starting over some people accept the challenges that comes with it and to others the steps to get there can be a bit overwhelming. Technically blogging speaking I am not sure where exactly do I fit with this new begging but I will stay calm{seriously not going to happen} and blog on about what tickles my mind fancy.
"Let your light shine and let Jesus shine through you" Hillsong

It's easy to freely say so but I know what type of person that I am. Every day I constantly remind myself that everyone started at point one and worked their butt off with or without help to be where they are. The examples are taken from amateurs to pros, the online handmade business crew, designers of all sort ect...As a human I look up to these wonderful hardworking desperately wanting to be as talented and business savvy as them. This is where I let my demoniac insecurities take the best of me by second guessing myself, regression from striving and fear of failing. Even so when I look at their achievement I pep talk myself up to the ladder of confidence. My parents usually say that Rome was not build in one day and that knowledge is power. Although I understood the message within this saying, I understand them better and keep them as a motto to keep with any aspect of my life. Whether I am going from points A to B or A to Z I know that I have to armor myself with valid and realistic plans, vigorous research and homework, speaking out to people and pass at the action. Every failures (or that word is painful to hear sometimes) is a life lessons.

This is the beginning of the story so help me Lord
It's All Love

Sophie :)


mandyface said...

Lovely pics! I wish you all the luck in building Rome ;)

Sophie with her Illustrations said...

Awh thank you so muchh :)

TheGirl said...

hey you, welcome back! It´s weird because i´m on the same adventure as you - this year is gonna be whatever i make it, both tears and laughter! I´ve finish with a design degree, relocated and dreaming away now for the next 12 months until it´s time to hit the books again! SO happy i´m not alone! - we can discuss the blessing and hurdles of this adventure with each other non? :) Subscribed! and only subscribe back if you feel this strong connection that i´m feeling lol hugs

Sophie with her Illustrations said...

Yaay I am glad we can relate to each other in that case, that makes me happy. And definitely we will stay in touch with each other's path :)