Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Pearls necklace and Gladiator sandals

IMG_7902There are few things that bugs me with my relationships. What I mean by relationship I am speaking of the role that I play in friendship. To be more precise I am referring to the term of platonic friendship with the guys. Some people say that it's impossible for guys and girls to be just friends. Some of us argue that this kind of relationship is impossible because it leads to the two people being attracted to each other. I know there are girls who have defended this cause because they feel understood in their relationship with guys because there's no drama, no backstabbing and no bickering. I  I am not going to deny that some female friendship can be messy with competitions involves but guys also have their mess, they just get away with it better than girls. With drama put aside, when in good company I believe that it is necessary to have friendship with both genders. How do you get through though times such as "boyfriends problems, husband, wedding showers, baby showers" without your girls? and how do you through relax time without the straight forward witty answer from the guys? I do think it's possible for friendship to establish as long there's boundaries. I didn't believe it at first but boundaries is necessaries between friendships. With all that talk there's something that I am starting to dislike between my relationships with the guys and myself. It goes like this:

The random strangers becomes friends. In fact they become close friends that a wonderful friendship starts to bloom. After awhile it may happens that one of the two catches feelings and transit it to the other friend and so they slowly walk towards the more than friends phase. After the exciting yet so overwhelming more than friends phase gets in act, if it was awakens too soon or it was simply not meant to be the friendship dies on the side. What is left is a road now broken with useless promises and unfortunately sometimes neither part stays friends because of bitterness and these two friends become strangers again.
It's much understood why people are afraid to lose their best friend from the opposite sex when they catch feelings for them. They do not want to ruin their friendship and so you live and you learn.
It's All Love
Sophie :)


Ms. Geek Goddess said...

Yeah, that sucks. I think that men and women can be friends with boundaries because more often than not somebody catches feelings. I did not used to so much believe that men and women could not be friends, but now that I am older, I kind of do. Hope all is well. :)

Sophie with her Illustrations said...

Thanks for your input Autumn :)