Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Guilty of stripes

IMG_7748I promise that I wouldn't do such a blog post about the lack of posting but it is right in my mind so I think I am off to a good start. I've noticed that I miss the overload craft of my post and lately I feel as if I am losing my balance with blogging.  IMG_7747
To sum more of my thought I feel as If I am slowly turning into an observer rather than taking part in social networking. Could I be losing interest too? *gasp* Goodness gracious how I hope not but I did take a step down from the second life I created on the internet. The reasons why I did so was due to my lack of communication with people face to face. I was losing my ability to have plain conversations with strangers, friends or family since my head is always behind a screen or down typing on my phone.IMG_7752
And so I decided to re-evaluate my life around all of my favorite social networkings and I found it to be simple : Live my life outside of them, I want to be so busy with my life that I hardly have time to update what I am doing. I no longer want to feel like I am living my life through a screen. I want to fulfill my life by accomplishing my dreams and inspiring others to do the same while I keep balancing my passion for blogging as well. Like people say I just want to live my life to the fullest by fullest I mean do all of the things that I've been dreaming of doing. Actually living them rather than looking at them as dreams.
Here's to good balance and discipline in my life
Sophie :)


Clara Turbay said...

love it. so stylish!

Priya said...

Really colorful lovely photograph!

Sophie with her Illustrations said...

Thank you ladies, I am soo late but thank you :)

Rejina Tyson said...

Great pictures Sophie! They came out really nice. Love it!

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