Thursday, February 9, 2012

Un ptit retour d'age

Lola and her Lollipop
I am sure everyone realize that little children and candy goes hand to hand. Life is fine for them as long they are sucking happily on their lollipops, ice cream or anything sugary for that matter...Did any of you ever finished those round giant colorful lollipops? well since I too can be guilty of wanting vanilla sandwich cookies, I thought it would be better to illustrate it instead :)...and because it's been so long since my last illustration.

It's All Love

Sophie :)


Heather said...

and this is sooo very happy! I love those big lollipops never finished one either! :)

Sophie with her Illustrations said...

Thank you Heather :) you get tired licking those giant lollipops after awhile lol

Anonymous said...

oh how I love this!!I'm one of those people who was to short on patience to lick, I'm a chewer!!!Hard on the poor teeth though!