Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Yellow Uptown, Blue Downton

IMG_8809I didn't think much of this white button down long sleeve shirt when it was hanging in my closet because I barely wear white. But since I was in a hurry this morning in my last minutes I decided to take my chance on the crisp clean white button down shirt that was hanging in my closet.IMG_8811
My chances went further when it  fit like a glove when I paired it with skinny jeans. As for accessories I combine the pale palette of the outfit with a light yellow scarf fabric and throw in a mini pink shoulder bag. At the end of I was pleased with the results and I decided that I could use more of white pieces of clothing in my closet. Shopping your closet does work a lot of wonder after all.
It's All Love

Sophie :)


High Heels & Good Meals! said...

Hi Sophie! Ok first off I love the casual outfit with the bright yellow scarf! Second, I am stoked that you're an artist as I am too! How cool is that! I have an art blog too ( that I haven't posted on in years) but if you'd ever like to check it out it's ok talk to ya later!

Sophie with her Illustrations said...

Heyy Trice I am so happy you stopped by and liked the outfit. I will surely take a look at your art blog :)

ms.composure said...

def loving this look on you girl! and that purse was def a gr8 added touch to the whole outfit!

Sincerely Mally said...

Loving the colors.. very summery!

marina miouprincess said...

love this look,jeans and white are perfect with the pop of yellow and pink!