Thursday, February 7, 2013

Red...The Bold

I've been inspired by the cheezy holiday of Valentine's day to recreate this fun and girly look for a date, or a night out with the girls. It is no secret to know that I am quite the girly one and instead of pairing this cute frilly top with a pair of jeans, like I would normally do, I decided to change it dramastically by adding some hue to my color palette. That is right, I decided to wear red colored skinny pants. Although it sounded like a great idea to me then at the moment that I have purchase them, nothing could compare to the wave of doubts that came to mind such as "Will people take me seriously with red pants? Will I be able to wear these without being obnoxious? Will I be classified as the Haitian hipster? So much questions until I dig in the closet to try matching with a less loud hue color.  photo 6f327589-02ae-4680-910c-ae8293e46495_zps13f3a3f4.jpg  photo d1a11657-3a67-40d4-a380-ecd108cd7ba0_zps40419a6f.jpg

 photo IMG_1255_zps865cd75d.jpg
 photo IMG_1260_zps25db5d2b.jpgEveyrone has different ways of wearing them, some people wear them best with crop shirts, some people may wear the top inside the pants for a high waist look, others with loose sweater with boots, but right now it  definitely works out much better with longer but fitted top.It shows off curves softlty  without being too much in your face. In my imagination a long yellow mustard cardigan would be great to the color palette but I don't know where I have placed that cardigan. Long peach color pearls were added since the top has a lot going on itself. And for once I wore ballets wearing ballet flats.

 photo IMG_1261_zpsa3615674.jpg redcolored photo IMG_1270_zps45af3da7.jpg

This is why it is called Personal Style
It's All Love

Sophie :) 

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Beauty said...

Yes.and you styled it well. The blue flats are cute.