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In her own words

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It's been a year since I introduced another friend of mine through the lines of this little place. It didn't take me long to contact a childhood friend who recently graduated College to be part of this serie of interview. I'd like to introduce Dorothee whom I knew in 5th grade when I started a new elementary school. She was among the first kids who made me feel welcome at the school where bullies were grown 6th graders lol. She has recently joined the blog world, a blog which  reflects her therapeutic soulful writing about the hardships that she faced early on in her childhood, how she strayed a couple of times during her teenage years and how she decided to become a responsible adult. 

In the name of Self Love

You’ve mentioned before that you were abused. With your own strenght you fought the will of liberating yourself from these shackles, so I would love for you to describe in your own words, what makes YOU beautiful?
Dorothée being beautiful is not only about your physical features but also about your mental characteristics. We live in a world where being beautiful is having the prettiest face... Here's the difference to me, pretty is the physical traits, but being beautiful is about what you have to give to the world. I'd call any strong women who smiled after going through rough times BEAUTIFUL, because they haven't let life gotten the best of them. I'm beautiful because I'm one of these women 2-who smiled even during my worst times and this smile lightened my face, my mood, and my surrounding. Being beautiful is contagious lol.

I love how you set both synonymes apart to give your own definition. Now what made you go out and seek for help? did it happen overnight, or was it a long process of thoughts that made you decide to get help?
Dorethée I didn't go out and seek for help per se, it just came to me. I was always afraid to open up because I was afraid of being hurt, verbally, physically, and emotionally. I always felt like everybody was against me, and if they knew something about me they would use it and blame me for it. For me to accept help, I'd have to make sure that my helper was trustworthy, But I couldn't trust anybody because I've been betrayed and made fun of. Even when I went to this counseling suggested by a friend, I was reluctant I was not corporative at all, and when I finally let go it was like getting rid of a heavy burden.

-I applaud your courage for setting your self free from these burdens. So what does it mean to you to be set free?
Dorothée- To be set free is to let go of every negativity that you're wrapped around with, it’s about forgiving those who hurt you! And leaving the past behind you. It's like a healing process, it takes time and strength but the feeling of letting go is great. Believe it or not all these people who made me miserable back then are now acquaintances of mine. I'm not saying friends because a friend is like family to me, well a good one. Lol.

- What are your 5 pet peeves and please give us details?
Dorothée- Um wow, lol, I don't have a lot but um I'd say
A-Racism, because growing up I experienced it and the color of your skin should not define who you are and it just ticks me off when someone just treats another bad because of her or his complexion.
B-Hypocricie, just be honest with me at all times I can handle the truth,
C-Invasion of privacy lol, I like being alone sometimes to meditate and think my life through.
D-People who think they are greater than others just because. We all are equal, we might have different resources than others but this doesn't mean for us who do to treat the unfortunates like they are not human. I always say treat others the way you would like to be treated, that's just how I think.

6-Do you have anyone or anything that fuels your inspiration to your personal style?.
Dorothée My mom, she was a reserved woman and I am like an old soul. I like being different from the crowd. I'm not as reserved as she unfortunately but I manage to keep a look that can make society take me seriously

7-What is life for you after you graduated?
Dorothé it's nice to say I'm a college graduate, but it's been tough having to maintain a high GPA to get a transfer to a good college for pre-med. it's stressful as well cause I have to take the national exam if I could wish for one thing it'd be for me to go back to freshman year of high school.                                                                                      
8-You've always had long hair yet you always talk about wanting to wear your hair short or always wanting to cut your hair?Lol, I grew up having long hair and I was not allowed to cut it all. When I finally went completely short in 2010 I loved it, it suited my bones structure facial talking and I don't know I just love how it gives me a fierce high fashion look. I'm an old soul lol.

And we just wish her all the best in the world so she can have the strenght to keep achieving these dreams and goals of her. Thank you Dorothee for taking your time to grasp and answer fully my questions.
It's all love
Sophie :)

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