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Style is eternal featuring Valentina {Archives}

Valentina and I been friends since our childhood days in Haiti. We met in our school bus when I was a second grader and she was in 6th grade. Although we were in the same school bus we went attended two different schools.What I remember from her from the past is that everyone on the bus were drawn to her because of her smile, she was easy to talk to and definitely outgoing. We've grown up to have our unique taste in style and thought of playing the role of interviewing her on her style. Enjoy :)

S:What were the first things or piece of clothing that inspired you into fashion as a child?
Valentina: To tell you honnestly, it wasn't an artist from tv nor a model. It was from my God-Mother; my mother's sister who was always a fashionable icon to me. She used to wear her high heels and even made her own clothes, sometimes she used to make clothes for me as well,therefore her style led me to be a Fashionista. One thing that I remembered about her is that she had the style of Marilyn Monroe

S: It came straight from your family which is a great start to your confidence. I've always been a fan of Marilyn Monroe for her glamorous style and because she represents us curvy ladies. 
Valentina: Yes me too and I remembered as I was growing up I had many shade of fact...I follow fashion to the core...I love everything there is in Fashion even if its made in plastic I am in. I am what you would call Fashion Victim. 

 S: Are you serious? you're making me laugh. Can you regroup any similarities and differences from your style of yesterday at the time you were in Haiti to your style now as you're living in Canada? 
Valentina : In Haiti I had more of a chill type. However in Canada my style became a mixture of glamour, rock and trendy. It all comes down to the way that I am feeling.

S: What is your favorite season of the year to play out with your clothes?
Valentina: Humm I would say that fall season because it's neither too hot nor too cold. I love wearing my boots, and my leggings and dresses as well. It gives me bigger options to dress up with clothes and do more mixing.

S: Who are your favorite icons?
Valentina: The Olsen Twins, Victoria Beckam, Lucy Hale, Ashley Benson and my love RIRI (Rihanna) :)

S: What inspires your fashion looking photos because whenever I stalk your Facebook albums, I feel like they are telling a story about a girl who's living her life, they are just fun to look at.
Valentina: I think you just answered that question without your knowing because you're right, the pictures are about a girl who's living her life. It's my philosophy to live life in the moment. So I always make sure to enjoy my life as much as possible because we don't know what the future hold, we are young once and before we know it, it's all gone. love taking pictures of myself because I feel like it immortalize the moment that I am portraying and it will be a great reference for me when I look back at my youth when I get older. I want to feel that I've lived my life to the fullest by looking at them.

S: What are the quotes that you live by?
Valentina: "La vie est trop courte pour ne pas en profiter".
 "Vie dans le moment present car on ne sais pas ce que le futur nous reserves." translating to
"Life is too short to let it pass you by"
"Live in the moment for we do not know what the future may hold for us"

S:I am going out on a date with my wonderful guy and I want the outfit to be fun, girly, a bit trendy but I don't want to wear any jeans at all. What would 
you recommend me

 Valentina: I would tell you to go with leather leggings that goes to your ankle (because it allows you to be comfortable and sexy) with high shoes but more of a wedge shoe. For your top, I see you more with a beige color rather long but not too high, not too tight with straps because guys find it sexy and it gives you that feminine allure that you are looking for and in case it gets cold you can always add a little cute cover up with that. In the accessories side I would say a necklace with earnings in gold with a bracelet and ring made in gold as well. For your make-up as far as I am concerned from I know that guys love it when girls are simple so I'd go with a natural light make-up, like no one will notice your make-up because it's not heavy :)

Thank you for your time Miss Valentina
I hope you always stay true to your beautiful personality and your personal style

Fashion Vs Personal Style.
It's all Love


© ALL PHOTOS COPYRIGHTED to Valentina and Sophie


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