Sunday, August 28, 2011

Your Sunday...Love Always

Although there is panic in the air from the hurricane, I can only pray and hope that people are taking as much precaution as possible during these times.
Even so I hope that everyone reading this is spending a wonderful Sunday among family and friends, gathered around a table saying blessings and ready to eat.
Usually when it's time to do some relaxation, I crank up the volume with my favorite CD's, start writing or painting, sip and nibble along my favorite desert and drink.
IMG_6482 Example like the print that I may above with the thought of Aime Toujours which translates to "Love Always" Can you tell that I do have a thing for cute looking cupcakes? Either way, we will resume the fun for Monday.IMG_6477
All photos of illustrations are properties of Sophie J.Ch

Sophie :)


TheGirl said...

you are such a cutie addict! Your illustration is really pretty and i hope the hurricane didn't do much damage where you are :)

Sophie with her Illustrations said...

Haha I like that reference, I do like everything cute and pretty *sigh* lol but thank you, hope you have a good Sunday :)