Thursday, September 8, 2011

Little but great little things

"Happy may we meet again"The months of festivities are quickly approaching but for just a moment I'd like to think back about the things that made me me smile this week. The first day of the year 2011 started horribly and I was a wreck. It started out rough for my family and I as we were face with two possible account of mortality in my mom's side of the family. On January 1st instead of rejoicing with the rest of the world of the possibilities that comes with a new year, I was waiting anxiously in the corner waiting to hear about the news of my cousin of mine who was shot. With God's grace he made it through. Although the pain seemed to ease, unfortunately I lost my aunty as we were on our way to Haiti. It's seems so unreal that she is gone but with strength I am comforted that she is no longer in pain.
        However I am forever grateful to Father God that he was able to see me through these dark time and comforted me. This is the list of my little but great little things. I decided to link up with Lindsay on "Aisle to Aloha" to talk about my little things :)"Freedom is from within"
1-Believing that it's honestly more than okay to be soulful while integrating writing with fashion while documenting my personal style. Writing is therapeutic for me therefore it is something that I dare not give up or forget about. Every visited line from a notebook just hits me.

2-Visiting a new country that share the same land of my country. That was tricky but while on my vacation in Haiti I visited Dominican Republic alone with Kell. As we arrived in the country later at night, Kell and I with the company of willing tourist went walking in the streets to dine.

3-Opening tubes of my watercolor/acrylic paint and that anxious feeling that I get when I am illustrating and experiencing with painting.

4-I was happy to find an abstract painting that I thought I lost in my suitcase. I search highs and low inside of my house but didn't check the suitcase until I thought of unpacking...Hehe.
Create time for your art
5-Opening tubes of my watercolor/acrylic paint while I am anxious tracing the lines of quirky illustration then painting it up.

5-Bible studies and commenting with my mother. Seriously we talk up a storm as we realize some Bible part can be relevant to our own lives.

6-Being told that I am missed by people that I miss dearly :)

7-Understanding that God didn't hand me the gifts of being an artist for nothing...even if being the crazy artsy wild child may raise my family's eyebrow but hey I will take it.

8-Thoughtful messages that basically get me shy...or totally turn me red...hiding my  face in my face while giggling...ah you get the great picture

9-The wonderful feedback I've had so far through this blog.

10-Re-visiting the photos of my time in Haiti. It led me to relax by editing more photos and appreciate the universal language that Photography is.
                                                                 It's All Love
Sophie :)

Aisle to Aloha


Natalia Lynn said...

I love your blog! And most definitely your paintings. I am sorry you have had a rough year, I totally understand. That is why it is good to try to see the good things in life. Great post!

Anonymous said...

The little things surely will get us through tough times! Stopping by from the link-up and so happy to have found you! I can't wait to see some more little things from you!

Nicole said...

It's beautiful that you & your mom have such deep faith talks! Definitely a blessing and something to cling to when times are rough.

Sophie with her Illustrations said...

Thank you ladies I appreciate it :)

Caitlin said...

Came over from Lindsay's link party, and what a gorgeous post this is! Lovely pictures and lovely sentiments. <3

Sophie with her Illustrations said...

Thank you Caitlin :)

ashley @ the 29th floor said...

Love the vibrant colors!!

Annie @ Wattlebird said...

Great list and I love your photos! Really cute blog! :)

Lori said...

First of all, I really and truly wish I was a little bit artistic. Just a little :) and it must be so amazing to travel to places like the Dominican republic!!

New follower, please stop on by..

Sarah Dawneé said...

This was a splendid post to read! I'm so glad that I clicked on your link-up from the link-up party.

I'm looking forward to read more of your blog.


Corinne @ the Salty Shark said...

Linking in with you today Sophie! Loving so many things about your blog and this post. Can't wait to dig into your archives! xo

Sophie with her Illustrations said...

Ladies I can't thank you enough for stopping by my blog. I am very humble about all of your comments and the liking of my art and post :)

Anonymous said...

I love how colorful your posts are. Beautiful! :)

Sophie with her Illustrations said...

Thank you Auroran :)